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Consumer Sales Representative

Salina, KS
Full Time

The candidate will work remotely during the COVID-19 epidemic.

Conic Apps is looking for Consumer Sales Representatives to join our growing inside sales team.  You must have a proven track record of inside sales experience, excellent communication skills, and a deep understanding of web & mobile products. As a trusted sales expert, you will consult potential customers to understand their needs and what kind of custom software product they want to build. You will manage the customer relationship from qualified handoff to close. You value customer relationships and know how to drive business forward.

We are looking for team members who understand product and have a firm understanding of the startup ecosystem. You are competitive and have a track record over-achieving quota. You should be excited about juggling multiple projects and working really hard at a small but rapidly growing startup.


    • Provide a delightful customer experience to all clients
    • Use Conicapps’s tools to provide clients a quote for their custom software products
    • Manage customer relationships from handoff until close


    • 2+ years in a closing sales roleIntellectual curiosity - you love to ask questions and are genuinely interested in learning what a client’s needs are.
    • Hardworking - scratch that, the HARDEST working.
    • Competitive - you want to win and nothing can stop you.Articulate - you have strong interpersonal skills and can communicate effectively.
    • Organized - you use and create systems to stay on top of your responsibilities.
    • Passionate - you are excited about technology, software, and how it helps businesses succeed. You know what “Tinder for X” means.
    • Empathetic - you genuinely care about people you talk to and want to find ways to help them.
    • Product minded - you have an understanding of product development and an intuition for what makes a great product.
    • Closer - you know how to seal the deal and get people over the finish line.

Culture fit

    • You are a team player
    • You take ownership of your responsibilities
    • You think before you build
    • You believe in meritocracy
    • You are relentless in achieving your goals

Apply Now: Send resume to hello at conicapps dot com