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Xamarin Developer

Salina, KS

We have been retained by a client to deliver two (2) Senior Software Engineers to work 100% remote on a long-term, 2-4+ year contract basis as part of a large software engineering team creating a complex, cutting-edge, Xamarin.Forms application. You will enjoy working with SAFe Agile methodologies, scrum, TDD, and the scaled agile framework, while working as a team, and independently solving the complex software problems associated the long list of complex features of this mobile app used by this large corporation. You will enjoy the OOP, OOD, C# capabilities and the personalities of this articulate, well-spoken and strong C# .NET software engineering team you will join, and communicate with during your weekday agile/scrum meetings.

Here is what you will be given and the tech stack and methodologies you will use:

A high performance Mac with Windows VM, with a recent or newest version Visual Studio (eventually MAUI : Multi-Platform App UI), a Mac machine, C#, Xamarin . Forms, XAML, MVVM, SQLite, reactive programming principles vs. inheritance, Reactive eXtensions, ReactiveX, RX, Resharper, C#, NUNIT, TDD, Agile, Scrum, Azure DevOps, Xamarin Test Cloud, and Visual Studio App Center. This is a 40-hour work week. 100% remote USA.

  • Deliver code to implement the requirements, as defined for the sprint
  • Leverage Model View View Model (MVVM) and reactive principles (Reactive Extensions, ReactX) where appropriate
  • Work with Automated Test & UI developers to ensure high-quality, tested, working features
  • Use HTTP knowledge, Fiddler traces
  • Take UI & automated test tasks, as needed
  • Learn, adhere to, and enforce & best practices
  • Deliver the highest quality designs & code for the project
  • Participate in Agile, scaled agile framework (SAFe) team ceremonies (daily stand-up, planning sessions, etc.)
  • Provide estimates for tasks
  • Provide progress updates to team while working tasks
  • Research and troubleshooting issues in QA and production
  • Implement all ReSharper feedback that is “Warning” level and above. There are a few case-by-case exceptions to this; the Architect will provide guidance.
  • Adhere to SOLID principles
  • Adhere to Microsoft’s API Design Guidelines
  • Adhere to the Command Query Separation principle
  • Leverage the principles of Design by Contract
  • Leverage the Clean Architectural style for layering, decomposition, and dependency validation
  • Leverage Dependency Injection to decouple components
  • Leverage Domain Driven Design principles and patterns where appropriate
  • Provide complete software comments for public interfaces, classes, structs, Enums, and methods including abstraction descriptions, exceptions thrown, and verbiage augmenting codified Design by Contract specifications.
  • Eliminate duplicate code
  • Code and design should be decoupled, modular, composable to facilitate extraction of any potentially reusable code as a mature common component.
  • All forms of serialized data should be versioned to help ensure a smooth migration path as the software matures and evolves.
  • Classes should be organized within the project as vertical slices of functionality instead horizontal abstraction types
  • Good usage of Reactive Extensions or use of programming principles design.
  • Adhere to the Composed Method style of functional decomposition where possible., or use of compositional models (composite models) versus inheritance.
  • Leverage reactive data streams to explicitly model changing data.
  • Leverage Event Sourcing model to preserve separation between remotely-source data and device-sourced data throughout data synchronization.
  • Leverage State Machines to govern progression of subsystems/objects/workflows through allowed states via declared triggers.
  • Embrace Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery using Azure DevOps including robust automated continuous integration and continuous build pipelines that automatically execute static code analyzers, design analyzers, unit tests, and integration tests.


We prefer candidates with 4-5+ years software engineering with C#, Xamarin or Xamarin Forms experience, and a bachelor’s degree in computer science, or related. Candidates must reside in the USA.

Excellent verbal and written communication is required.

We prefer candidates with strengths in C# software engineering with mobile app experience, Xamarin, or Xamarin.Forms, and mobile app (iOS, Android, UWP), experience, a past history with the Windows Presentation Foundation ( WPF ) of classes, Reactive Extensions, ReactiveX, RX, Resharper, reactive programming principles, data streams, message streams, observables, and an basic understanding of the composite reuse principal (compositional models vs. inheritance), Agile, Scrum, TDD (test-driven development).

Employment Type: Contract (long term, 2-4+ years)

Hourly Rate: $55 – 75 per hour

100% remote, candidate must reside in the USA.

Immigration: US citizens and those authorized to work in the US are encouraged to apply. We are unable to sponsor H1b candidates currently.